The Wellington Chess Club

Scott Wastney's Chess Coaching (Kiwi Chess)

Scott Wastney is the 2017 NZ Chess Champion and long time club member.
His coaching is independent of the chess club, though the Wellington Chess Club are happy to recommend his coaching.

Contact: Scott Wastney 021 155 7403 webpage:

One-to-one coaching with the 2017 NZ Chess Champion!

$50 per hour
Either via Skype or in person
Location: 42B Kanpur Rd, Broadmeadows Wellington

Junior Chess Classes

$90 per school term
A range of evening classes are held to cater for all levels, from beginners to competitive tournament players.
Locations: Johnsonville Community Centre, Mondays 6-7pm, Russell Koewn House Lower Hutt, Fridays 5-8pm